Our System

We are a group of Australians with no political baggage whom have designed a community member based system that improves life for all Australians. Including political, social and commercial areas. We are neither left nor right wing and focus on the best solution for the majority. Ideas, viewpoints and issues are considered and placed into an Idea Centre for processing. If an idea is successful, it can become Our Party policy. A non-adversarial systemised approach rather than a doctrine oriented approach.

Improvement Management System

Our Party is currently building a system that improves and develops issues. The system delivery architecture that takes us from one situation to another. Some issues need minor improvements and some issues need major improvements. This is known as the Improvement Management System. The Improvement Management System charter embraces all views and stakeholders from within the membership. All voices have the opportunity to be listened to.

Idea Centres

Issues for improvement are put into an Idea Centre for all to partake and contribute to either as a Moderator, Idea Centre Participant or an ordinary member. The Idea Centre follows a traffic light template process where the issues are identified and projects are instigated. Issues requiring voting can be put to the membership where appropriate.

Creating Policy

After an issue is processed by an Idea Centre, policy can be documented and announced. The outcome will be a stronger more unified democratic consensus based on whole of membership participation. Our Party policy is created in accordance with our Constitution. Please refer to our Constitution.

Become a Member

Please fill in our Membership Application Form and return it to our PO Box address and join today.


View opportunities with Our Party and let’s start improving things today.

A. Jaja
Registered Officer
Our Party

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